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Skydiving & Jet Boat Combo

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Skydiving & Jet Boat Combo

from NZD$438.00

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Skydive & Shotover Jet Combo

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Skydive & Shotover Jet:

  • 9000ft skydive + jet NZD$438.00
  • 12000ft skydive + jet NZD$488.00
  • 15000ft skydive + jet NZD$588.00

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Service rating:   poor

skydive video was not working had to return it

Product rating:   excellent

Reviewed 05-Mar-2016

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Thank you for providing us with your feedback about your skydive and jet boat combo experience. I'm sorry to hear your skydive video did not work and you had to return it. Unfortunately from time to time with technology glitches do sometimes occur which I know can be frustrating however hopefully your issue was resolved with Nzone promptly and a replacement sent to you. I've passed your feedback on to Nzone to ensure they have followed up with your video fault and will contact you directly via email if need be for further information. I hope you still enjoyed your skydive and had a good time on the jet boat.

Belinda Stewart
Everything Travel Group.

Posted 07-Mar-2016

Service rating:   excellent

Excellent service especially the click to chat option.

Product rating:  

Instead we went on the Dart River Coach & Jet Boat ride excursion which was the best. So very good!!

Reviewed 27-Feb-2016

Service rating:   excellent

Booking was smooth and hassle free. Thanks!

Product rating:   excellent

The Nzone Skydive crew and Tandem Masters are extremely professional and friendly. Never felt safer skydiving from 12k feet above Queenstown with my TM Sasa! Jetboat was exhilarating with an amazingly skilled driver, Wayne. Thank you for the unforgettable experience in NZ Queenstown.

Reviewed 26-Sep-2015

Service rating:   excellent

Great service - I emailed to double check if we could be refunded in the chance of off weather and was emailed back straight away and assured flexibility/a refund in my booking.

Product rating:   excellent

Everything was taken care of!

We literally had the time of our lives! Thank you everything travel for taking care of us in terms of the booking! :)

(ps - I 110% recommend a 15,000 ft sky dive for anyone who is interested! I was beyond scared but literally feel as though it was the best thing I have ever done - alongside the shotover jet as that was a blast and good fun )

Reviewed 13-Jul-2015

Service rating:   excellent

An easy to use website with amazing package options that take the hassel out of trying to organise timings and logistics myself!

Product rating:   excellent

Again AMAZING! Queenstown pulled out the perfect weather for our jump and jet ride! My husband loved the suprise and we will definitely book and go again! 100% recommend!

Reviewed 02-Jun-2015

Service rating:   excellent

Everything was great ! Workers and activities where perfect

Product rating:   excellent

Amazing !!!! Definetly will be booking again

Reviewed 30-Jul-2014

Service rating:   excellent

very quick booking response and helped coordinate everything nicely

Product rating:   excellent

Reviewed 15-Jul-2013

Service rating:   excellent

great service from pre booking to booking to follow up

Product rating:   excellent

Reviewed 19-Mar-2013

Service rating:   excellent

great service to have been apart of, will highly recommend to fellow travelers

Product rating:   excellent

Easy to use and had the time of lives!! Thank you

Reviewed 15-Mar-2013

Latest Questions about Skydiving & Jet Boat Combo

We wanna book this combo but have a query since one of my friends current weight is 110 kg.
Will he be allowed or not ?


Hello, They do have a very strict weight limit for safety reasons. There are some very rare occasions when the weather is perfect and there is a light weight tandem master who is willing to jump with someone a few kilos over the limit but this would very much boil down to the decision on the day and it is never guaranteed that they would take them. Please contact us with the specific date a few days before so we can enquire with the skydivers who are working that day.

Comment by: Alicia - Everything Queenstown on 15th Dec 17 at 12:28

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We are keen to skydive and jetboat. Do you have to do these on the same day with this deal?


Hi Mel. Yes, you are meant to do the both on the same day to get this Skydive & Jetboat deal in Queenstown however if you would prefer to split them over 2 days then we can accommodate that for you. When you book online simply mention in the 'additional information' field on the booking page that you wish to do them on separate days (mention which days & times that is) and I will take care of it for you. Once you book online we will email your booking confirmation straight back.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (callum) on 10th Aug 14 at 16:42

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what will be the price when I will do skydive from 15000ft and plus Shotover Jet? I will need it on 18 August 2012. Thanks for answer


Hi Pavel. The cost to do the skydive from 15,000ft and the Shotover Jet in Queenstown is $553 per person. You can find all the prices for all activities listed on our site by clicking on the Prices tab located at the top and bottom of each page. We do recommend booking this in advance as it can get fully booked.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 1st Aug 12 at 12:51

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Are photos of the sky dive included in the prices? If not, how much would it cost to get photos included if i were to do the 12,000 ft dive with the jet boating? Or would i have to pay for them separately? thanks


The cost to get your skydive freefall photos or video is $179 or if you want both the video and the photos then it is $219 total. The cost for the Shotover Jet photos is approximately $15 per photo or $60 for the photo and video pack. You can organise your photo packs on the day and do not need to prebook these.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 9th Jun 12 at 15:09

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hi..we would arrive in queenstown at 10;20am on may 27,2012...can we still do this combo if we start maybe at 1130?thanks...


Hi Cindy. Yes we can book you in for the Skydive & Jet boat combo in Queenstown for 12pm. I have added the 12pm time slot for you on our website so you can book this now.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 3rd May 12 at 11:29

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