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Skydiving Jet Heli Raft - Shotover Freefall


Latest Questions about Skydiving Jet Heli Raft - Shotover Freefall

How many days do you have to allow to do all four of the activities?


The Shotover Freefall combo in Queenstown is normally done on the one day. Skydive in the morning and then the jet boat and heli rafting in the afternoon. If you would like to split it up then you can do this over 2 half day days with the skydive on one day and the jet heli raft on another. If you would like to split this combo up just mention in the 'additional information' field in the booking page what days you want to do the two halves.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 16th Jan 17 at 21:32

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We're a family of 5 ppl. What if 3 of us want to join skydive jetboat raft and the other 2 just jetboat and rafting?

Can we all travel together (my parents doesnt mind waiting us for skydiving)


Hi Christine. Yes that is possible to arrange these combos in Queenstown for your family. 3 of you can do the skydive Jetboat and raft combo and your parents can just do the Jetboat and raft combo (duo). To book this just book 3 people for the Shotover Freefall combo (skydive Jetboat raft) and 2 people for the Duo combo (jet and raft) in the afternoon. We will then make sure all 5 of you do the Jetboat and raft in the afternoon together. The three of you will skydive first in the morning at 8.30am.
You can book both combos via our website and proceed to the check out page where you can pay for both.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 23rd Nov 14 at 11:44

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I'm looking at doing the skydive, jet boat, heli and raft package with two friends on Monday the 18th of August. For the skydive will the three of us be able to go up in the same plane? And can we upgrade to the 12000 or 15000 on the day?
Cheers Kate

Cheers Kate


Hi Kate. Yes I can confirm that all 3 of you will be able to go up in the plane together and you can upgrade to 15000ft skydive on the day in Queenstown.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 3rd Aug 14 at 19:47

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We're going to be in NZ in November & were wondering if we could reverse the order - raft in the morning & skydive in the afternoon?

Thank you


Hi Mel. Yes, we can organise for you to raft first then skydive in the afternoon in Queenstown. When you book online just mention in the additional information field that you want to do this and we'll take care of it for you. As the skydiving is weather dependent I recommend booking this combo for one of your first days in Queenstown so that if the weather is no good you can reschedule to another day. If you are unable to reschedule the you will of course get a refund.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 18th Apr 14 at 15:51

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Are DVD & photos package available for purchase?


Hi Tiffany. Yes there are photos and video available for purchase after all the Shotover Freefall Combo activities in Queenstown. You can purchase these each separately after completing the skydive, Shotover Jet and heli rafting.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 17th Feb 14 at 17:44

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Hi there,
I would love to do this package but I weigh 105kg would i still be able to do this at 15000 feet.
Kind Regards


Hi Nathan. Unfortunately the weight limit for skydiving is strictly 100kg. You could however do the Awesome Foursome combo which is the same as the Shotover Freefall but replacing the skydive with a 134m bungy. Take a look at the following link to read more Awesome Foursome Combo.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 25th Mar 12 at 18:16

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We are a group of 5 looking to do this combo, would you have room for us on Tuesday 27 March?

Would all 5 of us get to do all of the activities together? Including going up in the plane to skydive at the same time? And just out of interest, can we jump from different heights?

Lastly, we will probably all be booking separately with different credit cards but can we still be guaranteed that we'll be in the same group?

Thank you!


Hi Tess. Yes there is currently room on Shotover Freefall Combo on the 27th March for your group of 5.
You will all be together for all the activities for the duration of the day. The Queenstown skydive plane takes up 4 jumpers and instructors at the one time so you will be able to split the 5 of you over 2 planes. You can work out the logistics on the day when you are at the skydive dropzone. You can certainly all jump from different heights. The 9000ft jump is what is included in this combo and you can decide on the day of you wish to upgrade to 12000ft or 15000ft.
Not a problem that you are all going to be booking and paying separately. Just be sure to get everyone to mention that they are travelling with you (Tess) and we will ensure you are all together.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 12th Mar 12 at 14:53

Awesome! Thanks so much for that! Also just one other question! If some people were to do this combo and others were to do just the skydive and jetboat combo, could we still do those activities together? Or are they run separately?

Comment by: Tess Stone on 12th Mar 12 at 15:31

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Can I split the Shotover Freefall combo over a number of days?


Hi Josh, to make the most of the Shotover Freefall Combo price you need to do the activities all in the one day as the combo.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 12th Jan 12 at 19:01

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Does the skydive combo include DVD and photos?


Hi Sarah, DVD and photos are not included in the Skydive Jetboat Heli Raft (Shotover Freefall Combo). However, you can purchase these from Nzone Skydive on the day after your skydive. Freefall photos are $179, DVDs $179 and if you want both it's $219.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 12th Jan 12 at 14:29

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