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Skydiving - 12000ft Nzone Skydive


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we are palnning a trip to NZ and want to sky dive. one person in our group weighs 226lbs and i see the cut off is 220lbs. will we be weighed before the trip? would a few pounds over matter?


Hi Rachel yes 220lbs (100kg) is the limit for skydiving and they will not take over unfortunately, even if it is just by a little bit. They do weigh you on the day so if someone's booked thinking they are borderline but are over on the day then a refund will be provided.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 18th May 12 at 12:52

Posted by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 18th May 12 at 12:52 - 1 comment

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