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Hi Just wondering if have bought a gondala package with luge rides.. we are also now thinking to book a zip line tour.. would th ticket I have be enough to get us to the zipline tour? then obviously pay for the zipline tour..?when we finish the zipline can we then do the luge rides. is that laot to do in one day?


Hi, I have the same question, did you receieve and answer or are you able to share how it worked out? Thanks!

Comment by: Amy on 30th Oct 17 at 14:05

Hey guys, So purchasing the gondola and luge lets you go up the gondola once and back down. If you would like to do the Ziptrek as well you can gondola ride up, luge then ziptrek down. You wont then be able to go back up! Hope this helps!

Comment by: Alicia - Everything Queenstown on 30th Oct 17 at 14:21

Hi Alicia, Thank you for the quick response. My question is, if I buy a gondola and luge combo, once I have taken the gondola up, am I free to use the zipwire (I have already purchased the ticket) then luge afterwards and then use my downward gondola? Or are there restrictions on the timings/ sequencing when buying the tickets this way? Thanks :) Amy

Comment by: Amy on 30th Oct 17 at 16:53

Heya, You cannot use the luge afterwards as the Ziptrek zipwire takes you to the bottom. If you then wanted to go up on the gondola again to get back up to do the luge you would have to pay for the gondola again. The way to do it would be get the gondola up, do the luge and then zipline down to the bottom of the mountain. :)

Comment by: Alicia - Everything Queenstown on 30th Oct 17 at 16:55

Posted by: Alicia - Everything Queenstown on 30th Oct 17 at 16:55 - 4 comments

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