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Skydive & Bungy Combo

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Skydive & Bungy Combo

from NZD$529.00

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Skydive & Bungy Combo

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Skydive & Nevis Bungy:

  • 9000ft skydive + bungy NZD$529.00
  • 12000ft skydive + bungy NZD$595.00
  • 15000ft skydive + bungy NZD$695.00

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Service rating:   good


Product rating:   poor

Skydive was cancelled 4 times due to windy weather, the bungy jump once

Reviewed 18-Mar-2013

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Product :Tom sorry to hear your skydive & bungy were both cancelled due to high winds. It is not uncommon for the skydive to get cancelled in Queenstown due to winds or low cloud in which case you are able to reschedule or receive a full refund. However the bungy is very rarely cancelled so it looks like you were confronted with some pretty rare and unfortunate weather during your stay. This must have been extremely frustrating for you and I hope you were still able to enjoy your time in beautiful Queenstown. Thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback.

Callum Goodall
Everything Travel Group

Posted 19-Mar-2013

Service rating:   excellent

The company were very quick their response and issuing of the vouchers. We had not problems with any of the activities that we had vouchers for. Overall, a perfect holiday was planned for us! Thank you!

Product rating:   excellent

Great experience with both bungy and skydive!

Reviewed 15-Mar-2013

Service rating:   good

great product, friendly service

Product rating:   good

not the best day for skydive, and got it cancelled, delayed my trip.
but friendly service and got my money back

Reviewed 14-Mar-2013

Latest Questions about Skydive & Bungy Combo


I weigh about 99 kgs. Wanted to know if it is dangerous to sky dive or do a bungee jump with that kind of body weight.

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We are thinking having our 15yr old son do the combo. My wife and I aren't interested. Are we able to watch or accompany him on part of it.

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Hi, just wondering is it possible to split the skydive and bungy over two days rater tan doing them bot on te same day?

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I wanted to know what are the prices for the photos and photos+video for the skydive and for the bungee jump. Besides, is there any promotional price for buying the photo+video from the skydive and bungee jump together?

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Hi, just wondering what eating arrangements are available during this day?
Also what clothing is required / best to wear?

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Hi, I would like know isn't this package included photo and DVD for skydive and bungy jump?
Besides, if I want the freefall DVD, how much i need to top up?

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Hi, do you do skydive during peak winter? And how much for the photos and videos?

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Hi, I have a group of friends doing the bungee skydive package tmrw morning sun13th. Are there any vacant spots for me to go with them? Regards, Wade.

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is there bookings available for this saturday the 12th may for 5 people to do the 15000ft tandem skydive and the nevis bungy jump?

also what is the best price you can do for all 5 of us?

Cheers mate

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hi i would just like to know if you can get photos with skydive & bungy ? . as well as is there an age for bungy ? thanks C:

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