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Bungy Jumping - Queenstown Bungee

Bungy Jumping

COMPARE Bungy Jumping - Queenstown Bungee.

Bungy - Nevis Bungy Jump - 134m NZ's Highest

Bungy - Nevis Bungy Jump - 134m NZ's Highest

Price from$290


Height (metres)134

Fear Factor5


Water touch?No

Bungy - Kawarau Bridge Bungy - 43m The Original

Bungy - Kawarau Bridge Bungy - 43m The Original

Price from$220


Height (metres)43

Fear Factor4


Water touch?Yes

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  • Displaying 12 results

Bungy jumping (aka bungee) is an essential feature on every daredevil’s bucket list, and there is no better place to take the plunge than Queenstown, New Zealand, the home of the world’s original Bungy Jump. Bungy jumping began commercially in Queenstown back in 1987, and there are currently three different bungy sites in Queenstown to choose from that operate daily all year.

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy is the world's first commercial Bungy and offers Bungy jumping off an historic bridge positioned 43m above the Kawarau River below. It is located at Gibbston, 25 minutes from Queenstown, with free transfers available from Queenstown. You can Bungy Jump solo or tandem and whilst water touches (or dunks) aren't mandatory, they are definitely a must!

The Ledge Bungy is 47 metres high, but it feels so much higher! The Ledge Bungy site is located at the top of the Skyline complex 300 metres above central Queenstown, with the Bungy platform literally poised on the edge of a cliff! This is an afternoon and early evening bungy, meaning its a great option for those wanting to fit other activities into their tight Queenstown travel itinerary. It's also a great Queenstown Bungy for those wanting to watch others jump as there is an excellent viewing area offering birds eye views.

The Nevis Bungy is the biggest and most scary Bungy in Queenstown. Measuring 134 metres (440ft) above the stunning Nevis valley below, it truly is a test of willpower and bravery! Free transfers from Queenstown are included and the round trip takes around 3.5 hours. You can even combine The Nevis Swing while out on site for a truly memorable Queenstown Bungy experience.

Does bungy jumping in Queenstown operate in all weather conditions?

Bungy jumping is not as dependent on weather as skydiving or other air activities. However, if the winds are really high then Bungy jumping in Queenstown can get cancelled. If this does happen then you can reschedule to another day or get a full refund.

Which bungy jump in Queenstown can I jump tandem with a friend?

You can tandem Bungy off the Kawarau Bridge Bungy. It is not possible to tandem Bungy at The Ledge Bungy or Nevis Bungy sites.

What if I want to do all 3 bungy jumps in Queenstown?

You can book the Bungy Thrillogy which offers a big discount when booking all 3 Bungy Jumps. These can be done on the same day or over multiple days.

What is the highest bungy jump in New Zealand?

The highest bungee jump in New Zealand is the Nevis Bungy in Queenstown at a staggering 134m high. This jump was purpose built over the Nevis Valley using highwire cables and a cable car to reach the mother ship or ‘pod’. This location is 45 minutes from Queenstown and only accessible via the operator AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand. The trip is a 4 hour round mission and is one of the most adventurous and thrilling New Zealand experiences! The company brand positioning is aptly named LIVE MORE FEAR LESS!

How do I book Bungy Jumping in Queenstown?

Yes you must book Bungy jumping in Queenstown in advance. During many times of the year the Queenstown Bungy Jump sites are all booked up in advance, if you scroll above this Q&A you will be able to view the comparison table and select which Bungy option you would like to do, what date and time and secure your jump spot. Don’t just turn up at any of their location as there is a very good chance you will not be able to bungy.

What's the best Bungee Jump location in New Zealand?

The best bungee jump location in New Zealand is down to your thrill level. The Kawarau Bridge Bungy in Queenstown is the world’s first Bungy site set up on the 12th of November 1988 by two mates Henry van Asch and AJ Hackett. This is a 43m high easily accessible and fun Bungy location. They have a bar (beer, wine, spirits) on site and plenty of room for friends and family to watch! The Nevis Bungy in Queenstown is the mother of all jump locations. It’s 134m high and a mega New Zealand Bungy experience.


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