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Skydiving in Queenstown


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Skydiving - Nzone Skydive

Skydiving - Nzone Skydive

Price from$379



Fear Factor5


Weight limit115kg

Indoor Skydiving - iFLY

Indoor Skydiving - iFLY

Price from$99



Fear Factor3


Weight limit125kg

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  • Displaying 8 results

Skydiving is weather dependent so we advise booking your tandem skydive for one of your first days in Queenstown so that if the weather is no good you can reschedule to another day. Or if you can't reschedule simply contact us for a full refund. 

If you want to make a full action packed day of it then combine your skydive with another adventure activity in a Queenstown Combo. Choose from bungy jumping, white water rafting, jet boating and the Shotover Canyon Swing.

Can you skydiving in Queenstown all year round?

Yes, tandem skydiving in Queenstown can be enjoyed all year, even during winter! In fact, skydiving is even more picturesque during the colder winter months as you will get to experience all the majestic mountains in all their glory covered in snow!! In summer time and the warmer months you wont see much snow but you'll still get one of the most amazing views you've ever seen with the stunning Queenstown lake Wakatipu below and the endless horizon of mountain ranges all around.

How many skydive companies are there in Queenstown?

There are three different skydive operations within 60 minutes of Queenstown but they are all owned by the one reputable company. Nzone drop zone is located near the base of the Remarkables mountain ranges on the road to Milford about 15 minutes from the centre of town and they have their main office and shop where customers check in located on Shotover street central Queenstown. Skydive Southern Alps is located at the head of Queenstown's lake in Glenorchy about 55 minutes from town but they offer free transfers from Queenstown. Skydive Wanaka is located just out of Wanaka at the airfield which is about an hour drive from Queenstown but they offer free transfers from Wanaka and Queenstown. 

Which skydive should I choose in Queenstown?

The three different central Otago skydive locations are all operated by NZone (Experience Co) and they all offer a very similar alpine tandem skydive experience with unrivalled views. Most people choose to skydive with Nzone in Queenstown given its proximity to the town centre but if you want a slightly more off the beaten track option then Skydive Southern Alps is a great choice.

Does skydiving in Queenstown operate in bad weather?

Skydiving is a weather dependent activity and as such can get delayed or cancelled due to various unfavourable weather conditions such as high winds, low cloud and rain. Queenstown weather is extremely unpredictable due to its alpine environment and there can be weeks where the skydiving operates every day and then times where it is closed for days on end. As such, we always recommend booking tandem skydiving in Queenstown for one of your first days in the area so that if the weather is no good for sky diving then you can reschedule to another day, or of course get a full refund. You often wont know if your skydive is going ahead until you are about to check in at the skydive shop so be pro active and give our Queenstown reservations team a call to check on the status so we can help you organise any other activities if necessary.

Do I need to book Queenstown skydiving in advance?

Yes, we recommend booking your skydiving and any other Queenstown activities in advance before you arrive in Queenstown as this is a very busy and popular tourist destination. Town is busy pretty much all year so if you want to ensure you don't miss out on going skydiving and the other Queenstown activities and tours on your bucket list and your once in a lifetime holiday, then be sure to book several weeks or more in advance if possible. Remember, if you change your mind later on and wish to reschedule or cancel your skydiving booking then contact our team and we will take care of this for you as long as you are outside the standard 48 hour tour operator cancellation policy.


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