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Canyoning in Queenstown


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Canyoning - Gibbston Valley Half Day

Canyoning - Gibbston Valley Half Day

Price from$219


Time (hrs)2

Thrill Factor4



Canyoning - Mt Aspiring

Canyoning - Mt Aspiring

Price from$450


Time (hrs)5

Thrill Factor5



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  • Displaying 4 results

Queenstown's Best Canyoning Tours

Anyone with an adventurous spirit and a love for the great outdoors will enjoy the multi-faceted exploration and deep engagement with nature that take place on a Queenstown canyoning expedition.  Whether it’s your first time or thirty-first time, there is a canyoning tour in Queenstown for everyone! Canyoning in Queenstown will have you plunging into stunning crystal clear pools, riding natural water slides, floating through narrow passage ways, lowering yourself down waterfalls and taking in the beautiful natural surroundings as zipline over native bush.

For all you first-timers, the Queenstown Adventurer is the is the most suitable canyoning tour in Queenstown. This will let you get a taste for canyoning as its includes a little bit of everything, and therefore is suitable for all abilities and is great for families. For this Canyoning tour in Queenstown you don't need to be able to swim, result! But you will need to be confident in water and not afraid to get your hair wet. The Queenstown Adventurer is a 4 hour round trip from Queenstown, with around 2 hours spent in the Canyon.

The Routeburn explorer is the only canyoning tour in Queenstown operating in the famous Routeburn Valley and near to many locations used in the Lord of the Rings. The normally inaccessible location will have you in awe as you get deep into the wilderness. This is Queenstown Adventurer’s big Queenstown Canyoning sister, with longer abseils, higher jumps and more challenges. The trip starts with a 30-minute ascending walkthrough bushlands to the starting point of this Queenstown canyoning adventure. This is most suited to people that have a strong level of fitness and high water confidence, but is still manageable for first-timers with the right attitude! The is a full day including a well needed lunch to recharge and up to 3 hours in the canyon.

What does Canyoning in Queenstown involve?

You will begin your trip at the Adventure Centre where you’ll meet your guide and sign in. Then you will enjoy a scenic ride out to the custom built canyoning base to collect all your gear. After a safety briefing, you will take a short walk through native beech forest into the canyon. Then the fun begins! You’ll take in the beautiful surroundings in between plunging into natural pools, floating through narrow passageways, abseiling down waterfalls and ziplining as you descend through the canyon. If there were any elements you are not comfortable doing the guides can provide an alternative option.

Where does Queenstown Canyoning take place? 

The Canyoning tours in Queenstown take place in some remarkable scenery. The Routeburn explorer takes place in the heart of the Mount Aspiring National Parks Routeburn Valley and is the only canyoning operator to to canyon here. The Black Spur trip is really out in the wilderness and requires either a water taxi or helicopter to reach the other side of Lake Wakatipu. The 45 minute walk at the start of the Canyon is incredible stunning views of the Remarkables Mountain Range. 

When is Canyoning season in Queenstown?

You spend a lot of time in the water while canyoning and it can get pretty chilly over winter,  so canyoning tours in Queenstown only operate during the warmer months (1st of October and 30th of April). During this time, Queenstown Canyoning can be enjoyed in all weather and is truly a unique way to experience the wonders of nature, which makes it the perfect rainy day activity.

Do I need previous Canyoning experience to go canyoning in Queenstown?

Each trip allows you to choose the level of challenge, so it depends on how brave you are feeling. The guides will provide alternative options for each obstacle to make sure there is a smile on your face and you are feeling comfortable. If you are feeling reluctant, the Queenstown Adventurer and Kawarau half day will be perfect for you. You need no previous experience to complete the Black Spur trip, so head across Lake Wakatipu if you wanted a longer adventure. The bravest of the brave can take on the full day Routeburn Canyoning for the ultimate expedition.

Do I need to be able to swim to go canyoning in Queenstown? 

Not for all trips! Providing you are confident in the water, you can still experience Queenstown Canyoning. The guides on Queenstown Adventurer and Gibbston Valley half day will make you feel at ease and will guide you through the canyon with demonstrations for each element. 

Do I need to book a canyoning tour in Queenstown in advance?

Yes!  Canyoning tours in Queenstown are a must-do for all those adrenaline junkies out there. So make sure you don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience and book yourself a spot early. Check out other great Queenstown activity deals on our Specials page.


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