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White Water Rafting in Queenstown


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Rafting - Shotover River

Price from$239


Time (hrs)2.5

Grade Level3 - 5


Min. Age (yrs)13

Rafting - Landsborough River - 3 days & 2 nights

Price from$2399


Time (hrs)8

Grade Level3 - 4


Min. Age (yrs)15

Rafting - Packrafting & Hiking Adventure

Price from$0


Time (hrs)2

Grade Level2 - 4


Min. Age (yrs)16

Rafting - Family Adventures

Price from$199


Time (hrs)1.5

Grade Level1 - 2


Min. Age (yrs)3

Raft & Jet Combo - Jet to Raft

Price from$334


Time (hrs)2

Grade Level2 - 3


Min. Age (yrs)13

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  • Displaying 13 results

Many intrepid travellers come to Queenstown to try to conquer the raging rapids of the mighty Shotover River, while others try rafting out of curiosity but are soon hooked. Stunning natural surroundings and a raging river that runs wild all year make Queenstown the perfect location for white water rafting. Queenstown Rafting can be combined with a number of other activities such as jet boating, bungy jumping & skydiving in one of our famous Queenstown Combos such as the Awesome Foursome that will save you both time and money.

Can I raft in Queenstown all year?
Yes, white water rafting can be done in Queenstown all year. During the winter months (June-Sept), the rafting on the Shotover River is accompanied by a short helicopter flight into the start of the rafting trip in Skippers Canyon as the roads are inaccessible due to snow and ice. The means that in winter, you must choose the heli raft option if you wish to do the Shotover River rafting. Alternatively, you can raft the Kawarau river all year.

How cold is the water in Queenstown?
It's not warm! But when you go rafting you are given a full 8mm wetsuit with booties so you stay warm enough. The water temperature is a lot warmer in summer but it still not toasty!! The cooler water just adds to the thrill and should not be a deterrent to going rafting in Queenstown.

Can I go rafting in Queenstown if I can't swim?
In order to raft the Shotover or Kawarau river in Queenstown you do need to know how to swim. This is more about having water awareness rather than being able to swim 100m in an Olympic time. The rafts can flip which means sometimes you end up in the water. Even though you will have life jackets on and a thick wetsuit which make you very bouyant, it is important that you know what to do. If you can't swim then you can't raft on either of these two tours, but you can still raft on the Family Adventures rafting trip that operates in the shallow and more calm waters of the Lower Shotover river. This family rafting trip is also suitable for kids under 13 who aren't allowed to go on the main Shotover River or Kawarau river rafting trips.

Is there a minimum age for rafting in Queenstown?
Yes, you need to be 13 years or older (and be able to swim) to raft on the Shotover River or Kawarau River. If you have kids under this age or are not confident in the water then you can do the Family Adventures rafting trip which has a minimum age of 3 and you do not need to know how to swim.


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