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Tandem Hang Gliding in Queenstown

Hang Gliding

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Under the supervised care of friendly, experienced and professional pilots who will make you feel as protected and secure as possible, you will enjoy a tandem hang gliding flight over stunning Queenstown!! You can even opt to take over the control and manoeuvre the glider! Operating all year round, enjoy the exhilarating flight on this heart stopping adventure of a lifetime. 

What is the best thing about Queenstown Hang Gliding?

Queenstown hang gliding allows you to have the incredible feeling of flight, as you soar off a mountainside alongside an expert pilot. Taking in the breathtaking scenery and enjoying views of Coronet peak, the Remarkables and the Wakatipu Basin. If you are comfortable, you will even have the opportunity to take control of the hang glide under the watchful eye of your highly experienced pilot.

Is Queenstown hang gliding weather dependent?

Yes, Queenstown hang gliding is a weather dependent activity. It is best to pick a good weather day so that you can make the most of your flight and really enjoy all the spectacular part of your Queenstown hang gliding!

What is the best area to Hang Gliding in Queenstown?

Coronet peak is the best location for hang gliding in Queenstown. This allows for fantastic launch heights, giving a long flight time to take in the incredible views of the surrounding mountains and Wakatipu basin. Transfers from central Queenstown are included for you Queenstown hang gliding.

Does Queenstown Hang Gliding run all year round?

Queenstown hang gliding is best enjoyed in the Summer, Autumn and Spring months. Queenstown hang gliding does not run during the winter months, between May and September. During these months, check out Aerotow hang gliding which take place in Cromwell, a location which really shows off the magic that is the scenery of Central Otago. Aerotow utilises a specially designed plane to tow the hang glider high into the air and is able to release at the desired height.Transfers from central Queenstown are included.

Is Queenstown Hang Gliding safe?

Queenstown hang gliding operators have procedures in place to best mitigate any of the risk included in this fantastic adventure activity. You will be under the supervision of expert pilots, with thousands of hours of experience in hang gliding and also experience in dealing with customers who have never flown before. There is always an element of risk in any adventure activity you partake in.


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