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Horse Riding Tours in Queenstown

Horse Riding

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Horse Riding - High Country Horses

Price from$180


Ride time (hrs)2.5 - 3

Riding level1 - 5

Scenery Rating5

Scenic Cruise?No

Horse Riding - Walter Peak

Price from$159


Ride time (hrs)40 min

Riding level1 - 2

Scenery Rating4

Scenic Cruise?Yes

Horse Riding - Ben Lomond Trekking

Price from$99


Ride time (hrs)1 - 3

Riding level1 - 3

Scenery Rating4.5

Scenic Cruise? No

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  • Displaying 5 results

A horse riding trek in Queenstown is a memorable way to explore the gorgeous natural landscape of New Zealand. No other activity will have you as up close and personal to New Zealand’s pure beauty as horse riding does. Smell the smells and soak up the vistas on this soul rejuvenating pleasure. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or have never so much as petted a horse in your life, there are horse riding adventures suited to your level of experience based out of Queenstown.

Dart Stables horse riding is located in Glenorchy, 45 minutes’ drive from Queenstown on arguably one of the most scenic drives in New Zealand, even the world! Wind your way alongside Lake Wakatipu until you reach Glenorchy, situated at the northern end of the lake. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan then Dart Stables is your pick for your Queenstown horse riding. Just as Aragorn and Legolas galloped through the mountains and plains of New Zealand in the Lord of the Rings, so too can you. Gentle walks through Lord of the Rings filming locations are perfect for those who want to see the sights, while those who want to get their hearts pumping will enjoy galloping spiritedly through forests, splashing through the odd river along the way.

Visit Ben Lomond Horse Treks for a ride nestled within the mountains of Ben Lomond Station beside beautiful Moke Lake. Just a short 15km drive from Queenstown, Ben Lomond Horse Treks suits those on a little bit of a schedule but still wanting to experience the untouched scenery New Zealand has to offer on horseback. The shortest 1.5 hour Moke Lake trek sees you wandering through the picturesque valley of Ben Lomond Station. If you’re after something a little more adventurous, climb the mountains up to 200m above the valley floor and ride back through historical gold mining country.

If you’re looking for something more than just a Queenstown horse ride, check out Walter Peak Horse Treks. Catch the iconic Earnslaw steamship across Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown to Walter Peak where you will embark on a 40 minute horse trek. You’ll be in awe at the many incredible viewpoints showcasing spectacular Lake Wakatipu and its dramatic surrounds. This is a gentle Queenstown horse ride perfect for the beginner rider. Horse riding is a unique way to experience the countryside but also one of the best ways to really stop and take in your surrounds so if you haven’t considered doing a horse ride while you are visiting Queenstown then maybe reconsider your itinerary. You won’t regret it.

What is the best horse riding tour in Queenstown?

This question is hard to answer as all Queenstown horse riding tours are unique and able to cater to a range of riding levels all in beautiful scenery. If you are short of time then Ben Lomond horse treks are located only 15 minutes from the Queenstown CBD and have rides as short as 1.5 hours. If you have lots of time and are looking for more of a fun day out that includes horse riding, then Walter Peak Horse Treks is perfect. This tour includes a trip to and from Walter Peak on the lady of the lake the TSS Earnslaw a beautiful steam powered ship commission the same year as the Titanic. This day out is great for people with little to no experience and includes a lot more than just the horse ride. If you like Lord of the Rings then our pick would be the great team from Dart Stables, you will see lots of famous LOTR movie locations and scenery. This company can also cater for experienced riders as well. If you are not sure what tour to choose, then get in touch with us and we can work out the best fit for you and your group.

Are there any Queenstown horse riding tours for experienced riders?

Yes there are horse riding tours that can cater for good experienced riders. We would recommend looking at the team from Ben Lomond Horse Trekking. Their 'McConachies Creek’ ride is one of the longest (2.5-3 hours) horse rides available in Queenstown and includes up to 15 river crossings, mountain riding and up hill assents. If you are a very accomplished rider let us know and we can look into a tailor made ride for you.

Can you do horse riding in Queenstown in the rain or bad weather?

Wet weather horse riding in Queenstown is not just possible, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to cool down on a summers day. However there will be days where the operator will cancel trips, this is more due to customer comfort than safety. If you are not sure whether your tour will be operating you can live chat with us through our website or send us an email to [email protected]

Was Mister Ed really a talking horse?

Yes, popular to contrary believe Mister Ed was actually a talking horse. To date he is the only horse to ever talk, scientists are still baffled and hold hope other similar animals might one day also talk and communicate with humans.


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