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Queenstown Activity Combos

Activity Combos

  • Displaying 46 results
  • Displaying 46 results

What is the benefit of booking a Queenstown activity combo with Everything Queenstown?

The best thing about booking an Everything Queenstown activity combo is that we do the hard work and get you the best deals on all the most popular activities and combos in Queenstown. We also match activities in these Queenstown combos that work together and fit in common Queenstown travel itineraries.

Is there an activity combo for Shotover Jet boating in Queenstown?

Yes, the Shotover Jet boating in Queenstown is one of the most popular activities to include in a Queenstown activity Combo. There are still lots of other jet boat combos that can include Skippers Canyon Jet, KJET and RealNZ (formerly Go Orange). Some of our favourite activity combos with Shotover jet boating include the Essential Queenstown combo, the High Five combo and the Heliscenic combo.

What are the best Queenstown activity combos including Helicopter ride?

A Queenstown helicopter ride is certainly one of the most popular activities to include in a Queenstown activity combos. Not only will you be able to do an amazing, scenic helicopter experience but you can also combine it with other activities to complete an awesome, action packed day or even spread it over a few days if you wish. Our most popular heli activity combos include Shotover Trio combo, the High Five combo and the Heliscenic combo.

Are there any Queenstown activity combos that are family friendly?

Sure is! A lot of our Queenstown activities combos are family friendly but some of the most popular ones we would recommend include things like jet boating, Gondola & Luge, Ziplining, Heli rides and 4WD adventures... the High Five combo and the Dart River Jet & 4WD combo.

What are the best Queenstown activities combos for high adrenaline seekers?

If you are an adrenaline seeker, then Queenstown is the right place for you as there are plenty of fantastic adrenaline filled adventure activity combos! Whether it is skydiving, bungy jumping, canyon swings, rafting or anymore.. we have it all! Our favourite include the Skydive & Bungy combo, the Skydiving & Rafting combo and Canyon Swing & Raft combo.

Can I put together my own custom package for a Queenstown activity combo?

While we have certainly covered all the most popular activity combos, we are here to also help you put together customer combos for yourself, your family or even large groups. Feel free to use the above as inspiration and then get in contact with us over email or live chat and we can then do some magic and get you some epic savings on your custom activity combo in Queenstown!


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