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Queenstown Winter Activities

Winter Activities

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  • Displaying 63 results

How cold is it in Queenstown in winter?
It’s cold compared to summer but in relation to the northern hemisphere it really is quite mild. Typically it is a little below freezing at night which is perfect for snowfall and maintaining the condition of the ski fields and then it usually warms up to between 5-10 degrees celcius (41-50F) during the middle of the day. Wearing layers is the best way to dress in Queenstown as it allows you to add or subtract as the temperature goes up or down.

Surely it’s too cold to do water based activities like white water rafting in Queenstown in winter?
It’s certainly fresh, but all the tour operators ensure you have the gear you need to stay warm. If you are doing a jet boat ride in Queenstown then it’s a good idea to wear layers including a warm outer jacket, gloves and a woollen hat (beanie). If you are thinking about white water rafting then fear not. Sure, it won’t be like hopping into a warm bath but the Shotover River water temperature remains pretty similar all year and you are provided thick full length wetsuits (8mm) as well as booties, gloves and jackets.

What if the weather is too bad for the activity or tour to go ahead in Queenstown?
Of course this can happen, but in general, winter days in Queenstown are crisp and clear so funnily enough, there are less cancelled days in winter than there are in summer. However, if your activity or tour is cancelled for whatever reason then you will have the option of re-booking for another day or of course you can receive a full refund from us.


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