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Queenstown Canyon Swing

Canyon Swing

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Canyon Swing in Queenstown, it's just like a bungy, only better!

Doing a Canyon Swing in Queenstown is simply one of the very best and most exhilarating things you can do in New Zealand without breaking the law! Merely peering down into the seemingly endless abyss that lies at the bottom of a deep canyon is enough to have knees shaking uncontrollably. Imagine, then, leaping into the Shotover or Nevis canyon on an exhilarating ride that will have you canyon swinging more than a hundred metres and back! A hair-raising ride on a massive Queenstown canyon swing will have you trying to keep your eyes on the stunning Queenstown scenery whizzing by even as you hang on for dear life.

Queenstown has 3 huge canyon swings to choose from, the original Shotover Canyon Swing, the Ledge Swing and the Nevis Swing. Both offer an awesome experience, but they are really quite different. The Nevis Swing, located on site next to the world famous Nevis Bungy jump, can be done solo or tandem (side by side). Once you are harnessed safely into the swing your swing master gently moves you out a few metres from the safety of the launch platform so you are hanging precariously 100+ metres above the valley, where you must wait for what seems like an eternity, ready to be released. The Nevis Swing master then presses the button to release you and you free fall for 20-30 metres before the swing cord tightens and you swing off in a huge arc of 300 metres over the Nevis valley floor below. You can swing right way up or upside down.

The Shotover Canyon Swing in Queenstown differs in that you have the option of actually leaping off into the abyss rather than being released by the swing master. Yep that's right, if you want to show everyone what you are truly made off, you can jump or flip off just like a bungy. Or if you don't quite have the courage, you can let the crew suspend you like on the Nevis Swing and they'll pull the cord to release you. Either way, its an epic rush with 60 metres or so of freefall before the line tightens and you swing out into the Shotover canyon below. You can swing solo or tandem.

The Ledge Swing is located at the top of the Skyline gondola complex located 300m above Queenstown. You can hike up the single dirt track (1 hour each way) or take the gondola up (10 minutes). The Ledge swing is operated by AJ Hackett bungy and if you want to max out on this epic adventure then you can combo your swing up with the awesome Ledge Bungy jump!

What is a Canyon Swing?

It's like a bungy jump, except when you reach the lowest point you don't bounce back up. Instead, when you reach the bottom of the jump you swing continuously in a big arc, meaning you maintain a lot more speed than a bungy. After you stop swinging you are then hoisted back up to the top in an upright position.

Is a Canyon Swing better than a bungy in Queenstown?

Hard to answer that one! Queenstown is the home of bungy so there's plenty of history there but as someone who has done dozens of bungy jumps and swings alike, nothing beats the Shotover Canyon Swing. Try a Gainer (jump off forwards and flip backwards!).

Where is the Queenstown Canyon Swing? 

The Shotover Canyon Swing is located in Arthur's Point, which is about 7 minutes drive out of town just past the Shotover Jet base and before the Coronet Peak ski field turn off. There is free return transport offered from central Queenstown or if you do wish to meet out there you can drive to the Shotover Jet base and the Canyon Swing driver will pick you up from the car park and drop you back after your swing. The Nevis Swing is located about 45 minutes drive out of town on state highway 6, past the Kawarau bungy bridge and the Gibbston wineries. It's on private land and requires a skilled driver in a large four wheel drive vehicle to navigate the unsealed and steep road. As such, visitors are not allowed to drive out to the Nevis site and must take the free AJ Hackett transfers from central Queenstown or from the Kawarau bungy bridge.

Do I need to book the Queenstown Canyon Swing in advance or can I just show up?

Yes you do need to book the Canyon swing in advance as it is pretty much always booked up at least a day or 2 in advance, especially during the busy summer season (Dec-Feb). Also, as you can't drive out to the site yourself you do need to check in at the Shotover Canyon Swing or AJ Hackett store in central Queenstown before your departure time. Check in is usually 30 minutes prior your booking time.


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