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Queenstown Jetboating Tours

Jet Boating

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Jet boat - Dart River Wilderness Jet

Price from$189


Time (min)90

Thrill Factor4.5


Min. Age (yrs)3

Jet boat - Shotover Jet

Price from$129


Time (min)25

Thrill Factor5


Min. Age (yrs)3

Jet Boat - Go Orange Jet Boat

Price from$79


Time (min)25

Thrill Factor3


Min. Age (yrs)2

Jet boat - KJet

Price from$99


Time (min)60

Thrill Factor4


Min. Age (yrs)2

Jet boat - Skippers Canyon Jet & 4WD

Price from$159


Time (min)30

Thrill Factor4.5


Min. Age (yrs)3

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  • Displaying 19 results

Experience fully the power of the mighty rivers of Queenstown on a jet boat ride that will have you gripping the handrails in sheer exhilaration as you are taken on the ride of your life. As you feel water spraying your face and the jet boat launches into another heart-stopping spin, feel the fury of the river in the most thrilling way possible! The raging Shotover, Kawarau & Dart rivers and pristine lake Wakatipu have made Queenstown one of the world’s best places for jet boating. There is a huge range of jet boat rides on offer, most notably the Shotover Jet, a hair-raising jetboat ride that will send you careening through the Shotover canyons. The Dart River Jetboat Safari cruises travel through the Mount Aspiring National Park, past ice-capped mountains, vast glaciers, torrential waterfalls and the clearest streams and pools you’ve ever seen.

Still not sure which jet boat ride is right for you. Check out this blog post on 'What is the best jet boat ride in Queenstown' written by one of our  adventurous staff.

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What's the best jet boat ride in Queenstown?
This really depends on what sort of ride you are after. For scenery its hard to go past the Dart River Jetboat Safari that operates out of Glenorchy through the Mount Aspiring National Park. For sheer action and adventure then by far the most popular jet boat ride in Queenstown is the world famous Shotover Jet. For a a bit of everything, you can't look past the Skippers Canyon Jet.

Does jet boating in Queenstown operate all year?
Yes, jet boating operates in Queenstown through all four seasons. It can get very cold in winter (Jun-Sep) so we recommend wearing lots of warm layers, including gloves, woollen hat and glasses. If you stay warm, you'll enjoy jetboating in Queenstown regardless of the temperature.

Do jet boats operate in Queenstown if it's raining?
If it is really lightly raining (spitting) then the boats will run, but if it gets heavy then they will be put on hold until the rain clear. The reason for this is the drivers need excellent visibility to be able to safely drive the boats through the tricky water ways, and also it's not much fun getting hit by rain the face when travelling at high speeds on a jet boat.


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