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Canyon Swing & Jet Combo


Latest Questions about Canyon Swing & Jet Combo

These two activities separately booked is still cheaper than this special, what makes this combo different than booking them both separately?

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I saw with interest that you have both a Jet Ski Run and a bungy jump combo. I have two questions:
1. Does the Jet Ski go on the Skippers Canyon or on Shot over? and does it make a difference? The Skippers Canyon pictures that I have seen looked more exciting than the Shot over. Shot over was a large river but the Skippers canyon pictures looked more confined in a canyon on a smaller river. Or does everyone go to the same place?
2. If my wife doesn't want to to the bungy part of combo?

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My wife and I are on our honeymoon and in queenstown for a very short time, we arrive on the afternoon of 25th and fly out on an internal flight to christchurch at 1610 on this saturday the 26th. I was wondering whether you think that there is enough time in the morning for us to be able to do a nevis swing and jet boat combination and be able to make our flight comfortably (i think we'd need to be at the airport by 1430). If so then I would like to book it!


Hi Lucas, this would be possible. There is space on Saturday to do a 10.30 Shotover Jet boat ride and then the 11.30am Canyon Swing which would have you back into Queenstown by 2pm at the latest. Please note this combo is done with the Canyon Swing not the Nevis Swing. You would not have time to fit the Nevis Swing in. If you are on a domestic flight as you have mentioned you will only need to be at the airport an hour before your flight so 3.10pm. It will be 2 hours before your flight if you are on an international flight.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 24th May 12 at 10:41

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hello me and my girlfriend aer coming to queenstown in july and i was wondering if you have a double swing at all?

please reply to my email cheers


Hi Tyrone. Yes you can swing solo or tandem on the Shotover Canyon Swing. You can also swing tandem on the Nevis Swing.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 3rd May 12 at 16:49

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