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Heli Skiing - Harris Mountains Heliski 7 Runs

Heli Skiing Classic 7 Runs ex Queenstown

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Great service, definitely recommend, weather played ball so best day ever.

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Fantastic day, great snow, runs , experience and lunch! Fully recommend ūüėČūüĎć

Reviewed 17-Sep-2022

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Extremely friendly and easy to use website. Experience was fantastic and true to description. Staff were helpful and made my booking process seamless. Excellent service!

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Incredible experience. Well worth it.

Reviewed 27-Aug-2017

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Hey Imogen, Thanks for your kind words and 5 star review! So great to hear. Hope to hear from you again next time your feeling adventurous :P Warm regards, Alicia. 

Posted 19-Sep-2017

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Very friendly helpful service

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very good

Reviewed 01-Sep-2014

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You have to heliski at least once in your life.... and this is the place to do it!
This activity is not cheap but it is money well spent given that you'll never.... ever.... forget the experience.

  Value for Money

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Reviewed 17 Jul 2013 by Everything Travel Group (Callum)

Latest Questions about Heli Skiing - Harris Mountains Heliski 7 Runs

Good morning/afternoon,
Landing in Queenstown on 3 Sep and looking for seven runs maybe on 6, 7 or 8 Sep.
Do you have vacancies?

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Hello, i have interest on Helicopter skiing.How is the condition of snow now?


Hiya Frankie,¬† At this stage, we have had some great snow over the¬†past few days and more snow is forecast over the next week. I flew over the¬†Harris mountains yesterday on a¬†sunrise flight and it is absolutely¬†stunning out there with lots of snow!! Please contact us at [email protected] or +64034425877 and we will assist you with getting this booked for your trip.

Comment by: Everything Queenstown on 22nd Jul 23 at 11:01

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There are five of us. Anyway we can all ski together? Also, no idea how many runs to book? We are all experienced skiers. Is four runs enough? Is that a day, or half day? How long is seven runs? Need some guidance...


For 5 of you to go heli-skiing, it would depend on each of your weights if you would be in one group or in separate loads. The heli can take up to around 500kg in one load In terms of how many runs we recommend- this really depends on your abilities, if you are quite confident and fit, then I would highly recommend doing 7 runs to really maximise the day (or 10 if you're extra keen). 4 runs is great if you are just after a taster. Both the 4 runs & 7 runs are a full-day activity.

Comment by: Kalena - ETG on 21st Jul 22 at 09:30

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Heya , was looking at doing a heli board trip this st the 9th. I did the ability questions and it seems I'm around tier3 , however I haven't boarded in a few years . So may be a tad rusty. Curious what you would recommend and what is a good amount of runs granted I'm in decent shape. Tnx!


If possible I'd suggest to go up the mountain for a day or two beforehand just to get a bit of form and 'snowboard fitness' back. Not essential but it will make your heli boarding day so much better. I'd suggest the 7 run day. 99% of people that book 3 or 4 runs end up upgrading to 7 runs or more anyway! If you think you are tier 3 then stick with that. If the guides think you are more or less capable after your first run or so then they can switch you into a different group if possible.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 6th Jul 22 at 22:06

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Will heliskiing be possible in January 2019 ? Snow ?


Heya, Unfortunately there will not be enough snow to heli ski in January as that is peak of summer here in New Zealand you would need to come July/August for that.

Comment by: Alicia - Everything Queenstown on 10th Feb 18 at 07:19

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what is minimum age allowed to do this


Hi Janelle, as a guide the minimum age Harris Mountains Heli Skiing generally take is 13 year olds, that being said if you have a child who is a very competent skiier and could handle heli skiing then such kids younger than 13 are often accepted if they are with their parents.  

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 21st Aug 13 at 17:55

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What is the ski time in minutes for each run on average ?

How many people in an advanced group ?


Hi Mark. The heli ski runs in Queenstown differ in length depending on the terrain and the snow conditions. The exclusive terrain offers runs that vary between 2000 and 2500 vertical feet of treeless skiing in sheltered basins, bowls and wide rolling mountain flanks through to steep and gnarly chutes. They can take anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes to ski depending on ability.

There is a guide to skier/boarder ratio of up to 1:5 and each heli only takes 6 passengers so you will be in a small group of up to 5 people plus one guide. Skiers/boarders are placed in groups that reflect their skiing ability. Often in the advanced groups there are less people.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 4th Jun 13 at 19:34

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What happens if bad weather prevents my Harris Mountain Heli Ski from going ahead?


Hi Ella, if bad weather means Harris Mountain Heliski have to cancel the heli ski on your chosen day you can postpone to another day, and hope the weather comes right. Alternatively, if you never get a chance to do your heli ski because of continuous bad weather we can refund you.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 23rd Jan 12 at 17:13

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