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What is the duration


The total duration of the Jet Heli Raft - Shotover Trio Combo is around 5 - 6 hours. The Shotover Rafting or Heli Rafting trip takes 4 hours and the Shotover Jet ride takes 30 minutes.

Comment by: Everything New Zealand on 30th Dec 20 at 08:25

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Can you wear glasses on the Shotover Trio and can we take our own GoPro?


Hi Gordon, yes if you wear glasses then you can wear these on the Shotover Trio and if you need to wear them rafting then the guides will give you a strap to secure them to your head. You can take your GoPro however with the Shotover Jet you are required to have a forehead strap in order to wear your GoPro. If you don't have a forehead strap then you can hire one on site. With rafting, the GoPro can be fixed to your helmet. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 30th Oct 14 at 12:25

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I want to book the shotover trio for 7 but is it possible to downgrade to jet/raft once we are there? Also. is the date to book flexible b/c we are planning on flying to milford and may need to change plans accordingly.


Hi Randy,

You will be able to downgrade as log as you give more than 48 hours notice. This is also the same with changing the date of the activities you need to give 48 hours notice.

When you make your booking you can select "Change & Cancellation Protection" for $9 this will allow you to have some flexibility in changing and moving the activities. It's now quite busy through until mid April, so make sure you book in advance as otherwise it may not be possible to do the activities on the days or times you want.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 26th Jan 14 at 14:17

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1) in july, what is the time of operation for the activities?
2) do we have to know how to swim to go for rafting?
3) what is the attire needed? any special attire required?
4) what is the attire provided?
5) any minimum height and weight required?


Hi Sarah,

1) The timing of activities in Winter depends on whether you do the morning trip or the afternoon. If you do the morning Shotover Trio you will check in at 8am and your first activity will be the heli rafting so you will be flown to the start of the rafting site and then raft down the Shotover River. Your jet boat will follow at about 11.30am depending on availability. If you are on the afternoon trip you will start with the jetboat at about 12.30 and then fly in for the rafting.
2) Yes you do need to be able to swim to do the rafting.
3) You will need to bring wih you swimwear, a towel and a warm jacket for after your trip.
4) You will be provided with full wetsuit rafting clothing and Safety Equipment.
5) There is a minimum weight requirement of 49kg

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 11th Jun 12 at 16:40

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