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Nevis Bungy & Swing Combo


Latest Questions about Nevis Bungy & Swing Combo

Hi, Just wanting to book this for my husband. But just want to make sure he can do it first. He has a plate and screws on the side of his ankle. It’s been 3 years and causes no problems but wasn’t sure if he could Bungy ? Thanks

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Hi, can I book the combo but do the swing as a tandem with my brother,and book him an individual bungee jump ?


Heya, If you book the combo both activities need to be completed by the same person. Eg. if you book the combo you need to do the swing and the bungy. You are allowed to do the swing in tandem, but that person must have also paid for a swing ticket. You cannot book this combo for one person and then have 2 people on the swing. Hope this answers your question: :)

Comment by: Alicia - Everything Queenstown on 1st Jul 18 at 00:16

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If I grab the combo package can the swing be a tandem one?


Hey Jackson, absolutely! You would both need to book, then in additional info just drop us a message to let us know and we'll make sure it's booked in as a tandem swing.

Comment by: The Everything Travel Group (Sally) on 12th Aug 17 at 10:35

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Hi can my girlfriend do the swing while i do the bungy through this package? Cheers.


Hi Max, the Nevis Bungy & Swing combo is only for 1 person so if you purchase it then the person whose name it is under will be down to do both activities. If two of you are wanting to do one activity each you will need to book these separately.  

Comment by: Everything Travel Group on 1st Dec 15 at 07:44

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Hey I want to book the combo when we are in New Zealand last week in November. The girlfriend is unsure if she wants to do neither, one or both can she decide and pay on the day?


If you girlfriend is unsure about the Nevis bungy in Queenstown then I'd suggest booking her on the swing at least (which she can do tandem with you) otherwise you may find that if she waits until the day that all the spots on the trip are fully booked. If she books the swing and then decides she wants to do the bungy also once she is out at the Nevis site then she can pay the upgrade on the day out there.

If you book the combo then book her on for the swing at the same time slot then I'll make sure you are on the trip together. You'll be able to swing with her tandem or solo if you choose. Otherwise, you can simply book her in as a Nevis bungy spectator which means she gets to go out to the bungy & swing site with you and if she decides she wants to bungy or swing when she is out there and there is space then she'll be able to pay the difference on the day. The cost for a bungy spectator is $50. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 25th Jul 15 at 12:05

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If I decide to do the bungy and swing combo will I be doing them both on the same day?


Hi Andrew. Yes, if you do the bungy & swing combo in Queenstown then you will do both of them in the same day. They are both at the same location so you will do one after the other. The entire round trip from Queenstown including both the bungy jump and swing takes about 3 hours.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 13th May 14 at 15:03

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Can you do the swing and the bungy tandem?


Hi Leonie. You can do the Nevis swing tandem with a friend but the Nevis bungy jump must be done solo. If you are wanting to bungy tandem then you can do the Kawarau Bridge bungy tandem.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 15th Feb 14 at 13:37

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