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Swing Jet Heli Raft - Shotover Canyon Combo


Latest Questions about Swing Jet Heli Raft - Shotover Canyon Combo

Hi we are travelling to NZ 24-4 to 1-5
There are 6 of us
Is all the packages unavailable at these dates

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When you go to the Canyon Swing is there time to do more jumps? For an additional price like it has on their website or are we on a time limit?


Hi Rheannan. Yes you can do extra jumps once you are out at the Shotover Canyon Swing site on the day. The extra jumps cost $39 each and are payable on site. You will have enough time to jump again at least once and more if there aren't too many other jumpers on site. You are limited by time a little as you have got the jetboat ride and heli rafting in the afternoon so you can't spend all day at the Canyon Swing but you will have plenty of time to do your jumps in the morning. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (callum) on 10th Aug 14 at 16:48

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hey Im coming down to Queenstown in Jan 16th tah 20th and wanted to book activities for my partner as a surprise. What would you recommend doing out of the cannon swing or bungy? im terrified of both but definatly want to white water raft and might see if i can do another with him! sorry for silly questions


Hey Kendall. There is no simple answer really but to simplify it a bit for you here's what I think. I have done many bungy jumps, canyon swings and skydives, bungys are definitely the most terrifying... but in saying that they are also the most satisfying! A bungy is something that everyone should tick off their bucket list eventually but, the thing is you have to jump yourself. If you don't think you can force yourself to jump off the ledge then you might want to consider a canyon swing. There are 2 in Queenstown. The Shotover Canyon Swing, which is included in this Canyon Swing Combo is the original and offers you dozens of different jump styles. You can throw yourself off forwards, backwards, upside down, in a rubbish bin... anyway you want really, but if you aren't brave enough to through yourself off then you can opt to sit in a chair and the jump master will release a cord which will send you into the canyon below. Sound scary? Well it is but with this option of not having to throw yourself off the edge many more, let's say, 'less brave' people, are able to enjoy this experience. Where as with a bungy you have to jump off yourself! There is also another swing in town called the Nevis Swing and it's located out at the Nevis bungy jump site. It's similar to Canyon Swing however with this one you don't jump off, instead you are released by a jump master. And you can also do it tandem. At this site you can also do the Nevis bungy which at 134m is the highest in New Zealand. Does that help clarify?

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 30th Nov 13 at 17:41

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Hi, I would like to know if my husband and I could do a package together .My husband and I would like to do white water rafting,helicopter and jet boat with hubbie doing a bungy jump of some sort. Is this possible or does he have to do this separately to me, thanks


Hi Lauren. If your husband would like to do the Shotover Canyon Swing in Queenstown then he can book the Shotover Canyon Combo (Canyon Swing, jet, heli & rafting) and you can book the Shotover Trio (jet, heli & rafting) in the afternoon and you will both get to do the jet, heli & rafting together. Again if you want to go out to watch him do the Canyon Swing then you can go along as a spectator for $20. You will need to book the Shotover Trio for the afternoon and you can book the Shotover Canyon Swing as a spectator in the morning at 9.30am.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 13th Jun 12 at 14:02

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Hello, Can you do this over 2days? if so will it cost more?


Hi Cherylee. In order to get the special price you must do the Shotover Canyon Swing Combo in the one day. If you want to break up the Swing, Jet & Heli raft over a number of days then you can book them all separately via our website however you wont get the special Combo price.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 12th Mar 12 at 19:00

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Do I have to do all 4 activities in the one day?


Hi Tim. In order to get the special price for this combo product you need to do all activities in one day. If you want to spread the activities over a few days, you will need to book all the activities separately through our website so you can select the dates and times that suit you.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 10th Dec 11 at 14:55

Hi, I want to book this deal for 2 but as i’ve seen the reviews, it says you can miss your heli ride, or jet due to lack of numbers, in case do you refund the money that charges for the missed activities due to that reason?

Comment by: Ash on 16th Dec 21 at 20:32

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